Are you ready to start your personal road to becoming a great future leader?

This free online course is designed for students and young adults to support new and aspiring leaders, helping them to develop essential skills, realize their full potential and develop high-performing teams in the future.


Everyone interested in leadership and management, or just keen to improve their skill set, can benefit from this course or its individual sessions. A willingness to learn is the only requirement for participating, no prior experience is necessary.


As a Laurea University of Applied Sciences student, you can receive ECTS study credits recognized by the university by attending the full six-session course.


Sessions are beneficial not only for young adults, but also for experienced individuals who wish to advance their knowledge in leadership. Professionals already working in leadership can tune in to follow individual sessions to polish their skills.

Program Schedule

The Future Leader Series consists of three webinars and three online workshops.
Participants may register for a few sessions, or enrol to take the full six-session course.

You can easily join any individual session you find interesting, since the content in the sessions is not linked directly to one another.
If you wish to attend all six sessions, you will receive a course certificate delivered to you after the final part upon successful completion of the full course.

Part 1

How To Become A Future Leader

Wednesday 20.10.2021

Part 2

Negotiation Skills

Wednesday 27.10.2021

Part 3

Give And Receive Impactful Feedback

Wednesday 03.11.2021

Part 4

Agility In Times Of Change

Wednesday 10.11.2021

Part 5

Practice Inspirational Leadership

Wednesday 17.11.2021

Part 6

The Future Of Leadership

Wednesday 24.11.2021

Register now! This is where your journey as a leader begins.

The course and all individual sessions are completely free of charge. Even after registration, your attendance is 100% voluntary. By registering you will only commit to receiving a calendar invite and a joining link for the webinar or workshop. That being said, we still hope to see you there!

About Us

Trainers’ House is a change management company. Our clients use us to implement their strategy faster, more successfully and with a higher probability of making it happen in daily life. Our clients trust our skilled and customer-oriented people, effective tools and modern methods. Our work is measured by the results achieved by our clients.

Established in 1990, Trainers’ House had 112 full-time employees at the end of 2020. The company has offices in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Torrevieja, Spain. Trainers’ House’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 9.4 million, operating profit, describing the profitability of the business, was EUR 1.0 million (11% of net sales) and the operating result was EUR -4.1 million. The company’s equity ratio was 65%. The company has no net debt.

Laurea Entrepreneurship Society

Laurea Entrepreneurship Society (LaureaES) is an entrepreneurial community that promotes an entrepreneurial culture and aims to improve the general conditions for entrepreneurship and especially student-led entrepreneurship, in Finland. Our activities offer tools and platforms for developing new skills and generating new entrepreneurial innovations. Through our events, we enable and motivate our community to establish valuable professional networks to advance their careers.

Growth is the latest addition to a diverse portfolio of event concepts produced by LaureaES. Through this new event concept, we want to offer easily accessible online learning that equips individuals with tools, knowledge and motivation to hack their growth.

Come work with us!

You will learn much more about business than you could even imagine!

Trainers’ House offers a valuable learning path for many leaders and top professionals. We are looking for students and recent graduates for part-time positions, which could potentially turn into long-term positions in the future.

As part of Laurea Entrepreneurship Society’s Growth online events series, this online course is produced in partnership with Trainers’ House and their skilled business coaches.

This course is recognized and supported by Laurea University of Applied Sciences, which will provide study credits to Laurea UAS students who successfully complete the course.

Study Credits for Laurea UAS students

Please read carefully!

As a student of Laurea University of Applied Sciences, you can receive 1-2 credits for the completion of the Future Leader Series. This happens through the AHOT system (Credit transfer of competence otherwise acquired / Osaamisen tunnustaminen ja opintojen hyväksilukeminen), and will be assessed by your own study coordinator or entrepreneurship studies professor.

As a minimum requirement for gaining up to 2 study credits, students must:

  • Actively participate in the training sessions (workshops and webinars); be present, ask questions, participate in conversations and execute given tasks.

  • Have no more than 1 absence which should be notified prior to the training sessions. If absent, please contact Dori Trang ( and a recording of the session you missed will be sent to you so that you can watch it afterward.
  • Create one learning diary/report which is to be completed and handed in by the end of the course. More instruction to be given later through Google Classroom.

  • Complete all homework and feedback in the given time. Homework and feedback forms will be available by the end of each training session in Google Classroom, where there is also a tracking system for homework and feedback.

NOTE! As a Laurea UAS policy, all additional study credits will be assessed individually. As a result of this, we can’t guarantee that your study coordinator or professor will grant you the study credits. We, therefore, recommend that you contact them as soon as you’ve started this course and ask for their minimum requirements, as this might vary from one study degree to another. This way, you can put in the effort reflecting the requirements of your degree program.